My Tale

I am a complex thinker, an elaborate dreamer, an ambitious seeker, and I am as easily curious as I am bored.

I love excitement and have the tendency to get myself into trouble. But I slip myself out of it easily - most of the time.

I am a nocturnal creature. I have trouble falling asleep at night but I am known for falling asleep in broad daylight anywhere, in any position, such as slumped down at my work desk or standing up on an ongoing train.

I love my family. I adore my friends.

I plan to have a pet fish - or a snake.

I enjoy company and learning from other people.

I want to make a masterpiece to help and inspire people.

I believe that Life is when you make yourself useful for the good of mankind. Thus Death can happen anytime, repeatedly, when you give yourself no respectful meaning, no will to prove your existence.

I am a variable in infinity. But I want to be the single digit that changes the product of the equation. I want to be the input that deviates the output and the character that shifts the course of the tale.

So hello, people... Let me introduce you all to Me.

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