Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Broken Notes

if do-re-mi on a C-minor are the ideal tones you wish for

then so be it

for it's as simple as anything to wish for perfection


if it takes those 1-and-1 notes to satisfy you

then own up to it

don't waste your voice saying that you're different


if you're the type that builds up to a crescendo

or likes the even beat of a 4/4

don't fret

'cause your taste is yours to keep


don't change



if my minor tones upset you

if my octave sways too low

if my tempo is a dynamic 3/4

don't complain either


'cause i'm not an off-tune piano that you can fix

or a score that you may compose

you will always hear those broken notes



don't stay


what you're searching for isn't here




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