Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Essay: The Hijab Fashion Trend and Its Effects in Indonesia

It seems like it has been an eternity since I last made a post for this blog. I have been darting backwards and forwards between school and work and other freelance jobs, struggling to keep up with time. Old story, huh? Anyway, the least I can do for now is post a few writings I have on hand.

The following is an essay I made for our writing class. We are currently studying how to make good thesis statements and their corresponding supporting statements. I’m enjoying it, even though we have to submit a new essay every week. This essay was the first essay I made for the class. The topic is “Fashion” and I limited it to Hijab Fashion in Indonesia.


Title: The Hijab Fashion Trend and Its Effects in Indonesia

Hijab is considered a symbol of religious faith for Moslem women all across the globe. It displays the value of modesty and beauty at the same time. Nowadays, more and more women, young and old, are embracing it as part of their lives. This phenomenon can be seen in our very own country, Indonesia.

There are many speculations as to how the hijab “trend” has boomed into existence in Indonesia. Some say it is because of the increasing rate of Islamic organizations’ movement. Some say it is because of the reverse-psychological effect of 9/11 which put Islam into the spotlight. Others, especially those categorized as possessing the more conservative faith, say that it is just fate. Islam has reached its inevitable glory and one of the indicators is more women embracing hijab.

However, a more generally-accepted theory doesn’t border on the development of Islam as a faith and religion itself. It borders on something more common-place and down-to-earth. It says that this display of faith was actually triggered by the heavily stigmatized industry which is fashion.

These past few years, certain prominent hijab fashion designers from Indonesia have gained significant acknowledgement both domestically and internationally. The names that come to mind are “Dian Pelangi” and “Irna La Perle”. Dian Pelangi is famous for her youthful and chic sense of style. She has brought tie-dyed fabric back into the scene and the way she wears her scarf has been followed by many young women in Indonesia. She has already displayed her collection on the Paris fashion runway and she is only in her early twenties! Meanwhile, Irna La Perle, several years above Dian Pelangi, adds a more elegant and sophisticated nuance to her designs. She specializes in using soft fabric like chiffon and combines middle-eastern and European culture in her designs. She is the ultimate choice when it comes to wedding gowns for Moslem women.

irna-la-perle-8.jpg (934×700)

This positive development in Indonesia’s hijab fashion industry has brought major effects in Indonesia in many aspects. Firstly, in the economic aspect, producing and distributing hijab fashion has proven to be a very fruitful business. As more women embrace the hijab, the demand for the latest Moslem wear increases. The unique hijab styles from Indonesia are also popular in other countries such as Malaysia, so this triggers a surplus from the nation’s GDP.

Secondly, the social media has been an attractive platform for hijab fashion. This is not merely because it provides space for online shopping. In essence, it actually correlates with the basic idea of social media itself: freedom of speech. Many young women have made videos about why they decided to embrace the hijab. Hijab tutorial videos have gone viral on YouTube. Hijab fashion websites continue to multiply. The viewers are also multiplying, which is beneficial for both the dawa’ (Islamic preaching) purposes and also the social media tycoons.

Lastly, in the psychological aspect of the women themselves, embracing the hijab has affected their personality positively. Wearing the hijab is believed to be a sign of commitment to the God, Allah. Therefore, this concrete act of faith should give them more peace for abiding by His laws. Furthermore, the hijab is supposed to act as a shield from wandering eyes. It reflects a woman’s modesty. Women who embrace the hijab should also feel more protected and dignified.

In conclusion, the positive development in hijab fashion in Indonesia has also given positive effects to those who embrace it. Indonesia receives acknowledgement for its success in endorsing the trend. In addition, women everywhere are experiencing the changes it brings to their lives and themselves as individuals.

So, Moslem ladies, have you worn your hijab today? ;)


  1. Wearing a hijab is an obligatory for moslems woman and I think it’s symbolic responsibility for being good moslem woman, but unfortunately, even wearing hijab, some of their clothes is so tight so that it reveals the figure and will attracts others. But i think you have used hijab on the right way Nay, keep on it :)

    1. I agree... Hope Allah leads the way, always.

      Thank you, mas seagate. :)

  2. unfortunately, that kind of fashion is not based on the regulation mentioned in Al Qur'an and hadist. It's far away of shar'i...

    1. That is true for some... But there are different interpretations :)

  3. salam kena...
    Artikelnya menarik..dan untuk pilihan modlnya cukup banyak..
    oya kalau untuk soal trend kaos kaki muslimah yang terbaru seperti apa ya..