Thursday, May 3, 2012

My First Concert: IL DIVO at Ritz Carlton, Jakarta

I have loved IL DIVO since I was in High School. My family and I used to watch their DVD every week, while enjoying a meal or a snack. Their music blazed through our house in high-quality stereo (we managed to get the original DVD). I wonder what the neighbors said.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to live to see them – in flesh. Thanks to my good friend Harvin, I got a chance to watch their live concert in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jakarta on the 25th of February 2012. I was so excited. It was my first concert ever! So, this post is dedicated to the event. It is also a reply to Harvin’s writing challenge, which is to write about watching IL DIVO. Thanks again for the request, Vin!

Here is the picture of the concert tickets. I shall treasure this picture forever so that I can tell my children about my first concert (LOL).

tiket IL DIVO

Harvin got us great seats. We got quite a good view of the stage without having too many heads block the way. He said that he almost always got good seats in a concert. It was something he always made sure of when he booked tickets. This is an idea of the view you’d get from our seats.


We were very fortunate to meet a new friend. She was sitting beside me. Her family was crazy about IL DIVO. She attended the concert with her mom and dad. I wish I could’ve brought my parents along. Maybe next time…


Finally, the concert began. I was so excited I could barely sit still! They entered the stage so elegantly and, as usual, sang an opening number. I don’t remember what the song was (LOL) so don’t expect me to remember the song list. I’m not much of a fan, aren’t I? But I bet Harvin would remember so you can ask him for the details.

But I can tell you this: they were perfect. They sung marvelously and I don’t think there was any mistake. Their voices were flawless. It was like watching their DVD. In comparison to other concerts, you could always agree that the studio version was better because of all the editing and stuff. But IL DIVO really is the real deal.

I had goose bumps at almost every song. I almost cried when I listened to them singing my favorite songs, Regresa A Mi and Si Tu Me Amas. I wished my mom was present when they sang Mama. It was her birthday that day and it would’ve been such a great birthday present. They sang it for you, Mom…

Well, at least mom can see some pics I took (sorry for the bad quality!) and view some of the videos I had recorded. Here they are:




Greetings from IL DIVO!

IL DIVO singing my favorite song, Si Tu Me Amas:

I have many others but I’m afraid my site won’t be able to handle so many pictures and videos at the moment. So I’ll end this by giving many thanks for my parents and Harvin for giving me the chance to go to my first concert! You guys are the best.


  1. Some of their songs is on my iPod. they are great, can't agree more..
    I haven't attended big concert yet, just come to some gigs of my favorite indie band. small event but really enjoyable.

    well nay, i have an interest about the EO of those concert, Big Daddy right? Was it good? I mean in every way they manage to hold this concert from ticketing, place, and other stuff?

    Anyway, it will be kinda cool if we can attend IL Divo's concert together someday nay.. :D

    1. ;) im glad u like it too..
      I also like watching indie bands.. but i haven't watched too many. I dont get much info about them n havent found a friend here who shares the same interest. maybe we can go together sometime;)
      well.. i don't really know since i didnt buy the tickets myself. but there were no problems during the concert",

      yes, it would be", we'll see

  2. well, i'm not that good in obtaining good seats, kak. but i always try to get the best seats even in the cheapest one :P

    the opening song is Come What May - Te Amare (in spanish) :D

    well this was my first concert too, so it was unbelievable experience! we'll get the front seats someday ;)

    1. haha... okay, i trust u on that;)

      was it? i honestly don't remember. too excited to remember.;p

      yeah, we'll see! didn't we make a pact to get VIP seats on the next one and we'll smuggle our kids on the edge of the stage for autographs? lol

    2. lolz, yeah pact to sit on the Platinum seats, yes!!! but with kids?? i don't want to bring'em along hahaha

  3. They will have another concert again in this upcoming March and I'd love to go! Can you advise which seat will be best to choose as I will only afford to get a bronze seat :)
    Anyway, are you going to the concert as well?

  4. They will have another concert again in this upcoming March and I'd love to go! Can you advise which seat will be best to choose as I will only afford to get a bronze seat :)
    Anyway, are you going to the concert as well?

    1. Hi Yoan! Thank u for visiting:)
      Yes, they are having another one. I'm so excited.
      I am going, of course, and i bought bronze seats as well. The best seats are the bronze, first ront row ones of course, from number 1-15, so ur angle to the stage isn't so acute.. Hope u get good seats:)