Sunday, April 29, 2012

Homework: 5 questions for you

This is my first post in 10 days. I haven’t been on kind terms with time lately. I am currently following a competition so the past week has been dedicated to practice (I’ll write about that later). Anyway, here is a quick post and I hope you enjoy reading it!

I received some homework from my friend Amel a few days ago. It’s a few random questions to think about and publish on our own blogs. Thank you for the opportunity, Amel!

1. Kalau kamu jadi tokoh dalam sebuah novel, kamu mau jadi karakter kayak apa?

I want to be female character (duh) that is the typical heroine. She is smart, tough, and caring. She has a strong protective instinct for her family and friends. She also has a vulnerability that makes her human, like the ability to love and cry. Examples of this type are Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter, Storm from X-men, and Arya from Eragon. I’d like to be Saphira from Eragon too, but we’re a completely different species and genus, so they’d have to make a CG interpretation of me as a dragon. Elves are closer to my species and they’d only have to CG my eyes and ears a bit. (I’m such a geek sometimes, and proud of it, LOL).

2. Kamu paling ngerasa mahir masak apa? Boleh pula dibagi alasan dan resep ala kamunya. (Jawaban seperti air, nasi, telur goreng, dan mie instan ga masuk kriteria yaa)

Haha… This is hard. You’ve eliminated the majority of my dishes. I guess I’m pretty good at making pudding. When I’m lucky, I can also make pretty good fried rice. But I am sure I can make a killer sandwich and mini pizza!

3. Di antara semua barang yang pernah kamu beli apa yang paling bikin nyesel udah membelinya? Kenapa?

Hm… I usually think through the items I buy a hundred times before I do buy it. Just ask my close friends. However, the image that always comes to mind when I think of regret is a blue shirt I bought at a retail store in Mataram. It was really cute – on the hanger. To this day, I rarely buy any clothes without trying them on first. I am also very picky about price. I almost always try to bargain to half the price before the shopkeeper and I come to a conclusion. Then I always check other stores in the market (at least 3) that have the same item. Then I decide whether or not I could make the piece of clothing myself, after rethinking repeatedly whether or not I need it.

4. Kalau kamu diberi kesempatan jadi sutradara sebuah film yang diangkat dari buku, buku apa yang kamu filmkan? dan siapa main cast yang kamu pilih?

dawn and impossibleOo… this is going to be a long answer. I love movies and I have read enough books to keep me hooked. Let’s see… I would like to remake the classic “Little Women”. My favorite character, Josephine March, would be played by… Natalie Portman (I’d like to play her myself!). The handsome Theodore Laurence would be played by Orlando Bloom.

Next, I would like to make a series from The Baby Sitter’s Club (my childhood favorite) books. My favorite character is Dawn Schafer and she would be best played by someone fresh like Blake Lively, Amanda Seyfried, Kirsten Dunst, and Evan Rachel Wood. My other favorites, Mary Anne Spier and Claudia Kishi would be played by Lily Collins (or Camilla Belle) and… Kristin Kreuk? (I can’t find anyone perfect for Claudia yet. Kristin is gorgeous like Claudia but I wanted to find someone taller). Oh! I know who can play her! Devon Aoki, the girl from 2 fast 2 furious! (just browsed through the google images too look ffor actresses after finishing this post). Stacey McGill would be best played by Rosie-Huntington Whiteley or Sara Paxton and Kristy Thomas would be played by Emma Stone.

5. Silahkan kamu memberi 5 pertanyaan kepada maksimal 5 orang terpilih!

I would like to give the following questions to my fellow blogger Mas Seagate, my wacky biological sister Kiky, my best friend Blue Spy, my lovely dorm-room sister Ainin, and my treasured junior and sister at College Talisa.

1. If you could inspire the world, how would you want to do it and why?

2. If you were a member of the high government, which job would you take (president, minister of what, etc.) and why?

3. If you were a mythical character, what would you like to be and why?

4. Which fairy tale or folklore do you like the best and why?

5. If you could send 5 questions to other bloggers, who would they be and why? (make 5 questions to other bloggers and encourage them to keep blogging)

Those are my questions, guys. Please let me know when you have answered them so I can check them out.


  1. Wohoho i got a task from Tanaya..
    the question seems hard to answer hehe
    thank you, wish i can post it as soon as possible and I'll let u know if i have answered them..

    Keep on writing Tanaya..U are awesome :)

    1. ;) cmon... they're personal n u must've thought about them sometime... n im curious to know;)

      thank you so much! u too, keep writing. I always anticipate ur posts!