Thursday, April 12, 2012

Music for My Soul


This is my first post in response to the writing challenge that was given to me by Ugik. He requested a post about Music.

I have less knowledge in music than I aspire to. I am weak in reading notes and memorizing all the keys. I don’t know much about the history of music. Plus, I wouldn’t consider myself as an acceptable musician (I sometimes claim to be a pianist. I wish.). So what would I write about?

The one thing I am sure I am good at when it comes to music is listening. I am an expert listener and I am sure many of you are too. You just don’t realize it as much as I do (boast).

You don’t need to do much to be a professional listener of music. Just keep quiet and listen to the cacophony of sounds that infiltrate your senses. Next, try to listen to something else that is very important. Stay quiet. Can’t you hear it?

It is your soul responding in its own tune, merging harmoniously with the music and creating an assortment of feelings and emotions to be experienced.

Sometimes, if you listen carefully enough, the music will grant you access to “see” things. Just close your eyes and you will see the image that the music is trying to convey to you. You could also say that your soul encodes the music into an image – a representation of the music that is understandable to you.

Here are some examples from my experiences:

  • BeethovenFur Elise: This is one of the first pieces I learnt to play on the piano. It is one of my favorite classical pieces. When I listen to this song, I feel romantic and sentimental. I see an 18th century ballroom with golden light and dancing people.
  • Toshio MasudaSadness and Sorrow: I love the Naruto soundtracks. That is how I got to know this composer. When I listen to this song, I feel mildly sad and sorrowful (the tittle succeeds) and I picture myself next to a river on a cold autumn day and crimson leaves are falling down.
  • James BluntTears and Rain: I start thinking of things of the past and it puts me in an introspective mood. I see myself travelling in a sepia scene.
  • One RepublicStop and Stare: I love this song. It really connects with me and I sometimes thinking that it was made for people like me who were so confused in a point of their lives. It really came to me in time of need. So I feel huge gratitude when I listen to this song for understanding me and telling me that I am not alone. I see a city scene with high buildings. Behind me is a black and white that reaches far into the past. In front of me is also a road. It is in full light and I cannot really see where it leads to, but I am walking towards it anyway.
  • KokiaShiroi Yuki: I really like this Japanese song. It makes me feel calm and cool. I picture snowflakes falling on the fields outside from a window of a cozy house.

I think that by now you will get the point of what I mean. The experience is unique to every person based on their real life experiences. Just couple it with a good imagination and you can enjoy so many different moods and go to so many places without exerting much energy. You don’t have to move. Just close your eyes and listen. That’s one of the many gifts that music brings to us.

However, there is a caution to be told. Don’t immerse yourself so much in the music that you forget everything else. Sometimes I find myself enjoying the indulgence of a sad and soppy tune so much that I become an “Emo”. Happiness has no more appeal. Careful there. Don’t let the music steal us from the reality. It’s okay to let the music “sympathize” with you sometimes. Listen to more of Toshiro Masuda’s tracks and it just might help you release that grief. But afterwards, remember to pick yourself up again with some happy music. The gloominess shouldn’t last forever. I like to turn on some old Britney Spears songs and just have fun. What’s your happy jam?

I have also discovered that Music can cater to my spiritual needs. I really like listening to Ahmed Bukhatir, Maher Zain, and Yusuf Islam. Their melody is heavenly. I always feel at peace when I listen to their music. I recommend them to my fellow Moslem brothers and sisters.

Music is a gift from God to be invented and kept by mankind. It has continued to develop and grow in our history, serving us so many purposes, limitless to the possibility of new creations and functions. One of the major benefits we can feel from it is that it feeds and enriches our soul. Let us cherish it and use it well.


  1. An interesting view about music.. :D
    I also like musics. I agree with you on how they create images for us to see. Sometimes the images are so personal, created from long lost memories..

    1. Yes, it is very nostalgic...;) i can't help being mellow about it.

      Thank you for the comment!;)

  2. Music is one of my mood booster. Somehow it can explain what you feel better than words, i guess. *tsaaah
    Now, I'm learning how to play guitar, just got one-song, Last Kiss (Pearl Jam). It is the easy one, they said, but i'm kinda frustrated. Hahahaa.

    I listen mostly indie. My favorite one from Indonesia is The Trees and The Wild. They are superb!! The lyrics is sooo "jleb". Highly recommended nay!

    1. I agree with u there;)

      So cool.. I've always wanted to do that. Have u bought a guitar now? You should post about that experience;)

      The trees and the wild, huh... I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Hello mba Naya, Ugik here :)
    thanks for including my name on your blog, thanks for granting my request, even though i don't really like the kind of music that you've mentioned above (except naruto soundtrack, i love it, it's such a touching song, makes me wanna cry whenever i listen to it), i really appreciate it ;) , it's pretty awesome :D, Music is my life, a life without music is like a body without a soul, every note has it's own character and uniqueness, learn how to figure that out, once you've got it, it's your soul that plays it, music for soul, not for sale, i hope the goverment willing to support indonesian music like they support indonesian education and sport ;)

    1. Your welcome. thank you for the request;)

      I like how you are so passionate about ur music and u realize that passion by playing in in a band. I wish u the best of luck!

      Yes, if the people really do have potential in making high quality music, the government should support it.

  4. Hmm..nice post..everyone has their own music talent..I think it's awesome if u can play piano, I have tried to learn it,,but i think i don't have any talent to that music instrument LOL but now i can play guitar..its not good enough.but at least i can sing with it LOL

    1. Thank you;)
      I can only play a few songs. I'm not that good at it. I wish I could play the guitar, as u can, though. It seems to be the best instrument to sing along with.