Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mother Nature

Did you ever stop to listen to the song beneath your feet?
tendrils of life grow under your proud pose as you walk the surface of the earth..
but you claim the life for yours, for your freedom to exploit her

Did you ever stop to see to the majesty of the greens surrounding you?
she flourishes and blooms as she sought to mantain your presence
but you do dare to mutilate her, eat her, consume her with haste.

Did you ever stop to taste the air that aids your every breath?
It's what keeps you and everything else intact, alive, and living
but you pollute her, punching holes into her layers, destroying the balance.

What has gotten into you, human?

Hear our mother cry,
See her tears.

Before she turns on us all. Again.

(2009, Earth day)

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