Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mom’s Food Corner : Pelecing

The name of this next dish may be strange for you. It is called “pelecing”; a unique dish from the island of Lombok. Basically, it is boiled vegetables (spinach, bean sprouts, long beans) grated coconut mixed together with a special spicy sauce and a few drops of lime juice. The main ingredients for the sauce are chili, peanuts, “terasi (shrimp paste), and tomatoes. Some people don’t use the peanuts and the coconut. I don’t mind either version.

Anyway, I am posting a picture of it with some other dishes below. Mom had made a really special lunch at the time this picture was taken so I couldn’t resist combining them all into one picture.


You can see all the cooked vegetables on the top-right side of the picture. The sauce is directly below it. On the top-left corner there’s some fried “tempe” (food made out of fermented soybeans) and tofu. Below it is “ikan pindang” which is basically a type of fish soup which uses turmeric as its main flavoring, combined with supporting ingredients such as chili and lemongrass.


I miss Mom’s food… This picture is making me so hungry.

See you in the next post!


  1. Looks yummy.. :D

    I havn't tasted that version of pelecing, or is it quite similar to pecel?

    1. it is yummy;)
      u havent? well something about the sauce is different with pecel... as u can see it is more orange. it also has more tomatoes.

  2. I never heard that food before, but i think it seems like pecel or gado-gado with peanut sauce. But one of my favourite is "ikan pindang"..ehmm yummy :)

    1. Yes, it is similar, i think. But the proportions are different. Pelecing places more emphasis on the terasi, tomatoes, and lime juice ;)
      u like it too? yes... it's one of my faves too. I wonder how they serve it where u come from.