Friday, March 2, 2012

Browsing Paradise

I have been browsing for hours and hours, really cherishing the fast internet connection at my new place. I started off by just checking my emails. Finally, I can use the standard view instead of the boring html view. The world is such a better place.

Then, I tested more of my luck by checking out my facebook which has been neglected for a long time. Now I can check out all the photos, notes, and profiles as much as I please without having to silently curse at the browser. So you can trust me on being more “sociable” now (what?).

I tested more of my luck again with You Tube. I typed the address and… I rejoiced. Streaming was a breeze. I cruised through the world of internet entertainment without any obstacles. I was surfing in heaven.

surfing the web

This is all thanks to Speedy that was recently installed by the owners of my place. All of us here get to use it FOR FREE. I love that word, “free”. (Laughs)

Anyway, in the end I have been using up my time checking out the videos from my You Tube subscription updates.  I have subscribed to a lot of channels. I have the talented Christina Grimmie, the awesome The Piano Guys, the incredible Lindsey Stirling, and the fascinating Harvard site. I recommend all of these channels to all of you.

After that, I continued my habit of checking out new songs and new artists in the music industry. I found this cool new artist called Kimbra. I checked out one of her songs entittled “Call Me”. It’s really something. Then I cried over some touching Britain’s Got Talent auditions. I really have a soft spot for sad and soppy stories with happy outcomes. If you are something like me, click on the link now. Winking smile

I don’t remember everything I did on the internet, but I came across the James Morrison song I had been searching for: Undiscovered. I came across that song when I was watching a movie weeks ago. I loved it. I didn’t have a good internet connection at that time, so I asked my friend to look it up for me. He couldn’t find it though, mainly because there have been a lot of downloading sites aren’t so friendly anymore. I got to prove it this evening. All of the sites I had looked up confronted me bluntly about piracy (darn).

However, as usual, I got my way again. At least I got the song, all thanks to the You Tube FLVTO. I looked up the song on You Tube and just converted it to mp3. Piece of cake. If you want a slice of my treat, just click the link directly above.

Anyway, I had a blast tonight, watching videos and sharing them on facebook without haste. I have shared so many links that I may have spammed my friends’ pages. Sorry guys! It’s not my fault my internet connection rocks (laughs). Just kidding. Winking smile

Good night, everyone!


  1. I really know how does it feel, i moved to my new office couple months ago, i was very excited because the internet connection was very good. Just like u said The world is such a better place LOL.

    Hey u have a really nice blog, wish someday i could write something in english in my u have any email or ym? please add me if u don't mind :)

    1. Yes, isn't it? I am so glad someone has responded in agreement! ;)

      Thank you very much for your compliment! I am still learning and always looking for great references to improve myself, like your blog.

      I don't think u have any trouble writing in English here.. I read a post on ur blog that said u had been a tour guide once? ;)

      yes, I have an email: what's urs?

      I have followed ur blog. keep posting great stuff!

  2. You are looking for great references to improve yourself like my blog?Hahaha you must be kidding me, u know i'm kind of a newbie in this bloggerhood, i started on july 2011 and the number of my post is fewer than yours. As u can see, u have 60 posts and i only have 15 posts, i think i should call you "Master" LOL

    Haha It was not a real tour guide, i just accompanied one of my friend who visited me :)

    I have added yours and i have followed your blog too..It's nice to know you :)

  3. yes... your style of writing is good and the feedback to your blog is awesome.
    haha... the number of posts does not determine the level of mastery.

    ;) still... u said u fulfilled 1 of ur wishes.

    thanks! yay.... another follower. it's always great to know that people are reading our posts and we can reach out to them, isn't it?
    it's nice to know u too!

  4. Hahaha okay okay..i give up LOL

    I would tell u a little secret, actually we studied at the same college LOL

    1. ;)
      really? well.. I guessed it a little bit from ur posts.. secret confirmed. thx!!