Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Editing Photos

I am not that good at editing photos. All I can say is that I CAN do it and I guess that is already something ;). Anyway, I wanted to write a post about the photos I had edited last night. However, I have already written about it in my other blog,
la galerie, so It seems redundant and pointless to write about it again here when I can just copy paste the link here. So that is exactly what I am going to do. (Laughs)

The new post is called Editing Photos with Photoscape. Do check it out if you’re interested. I have written a bit about using Photoscape and inserted a few pictures which were the result of my experiments last night. They aren’t as good as I wanted them to be (or rather, imagined them to be), but satisfactory for me, nonetheless.

I used the pictures for my profile pictures on facebook, twitter, and skype.I was bored with my old profile pictures. I wanted something more personal and artistic. There’s no doubt that I might get bored with them in about a month though. I wonder if the hours at night were worth it…

All in all, editing last night was fun and I learnt plenty. Try out Photoscape for yourself!


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