Monday, March 26, 2012

Exam Week Dilemma: What’s wrong with my brain?

It’s a little bit difficult to find enough time to write satisfactory posts this week. I have to follow the mid-term exams. They are actually the first exams I have had in a long time, almost a year. So, ironically, I am looking forward to them (I’m such a nerd sometimes).

However, I have encountered a frightening obstacle. Have you ever felt like your studying capabilities are deteriorating? Well, I have gradually felt it. I can’t study as fast as I used to (I don’t study that fast anyway so that is surely saying something). Last night I took 3 hours to finish reading 13 pages of Communication Theory. Each page had 6 slides on it. There wasn’t much text to read, on average about 10 lines per slide in big fonts, even though there were 78 slides in total. And it is communication theory. I mean, the language is not advanced science or something. It’s about stuff we relate to everyday. But that isn’t the point. The point is, it’s the point where I feel that my learning abilities are decreasing and I’m only in my twenties. Aaaargh! Sometimes it’s like my brain is so frozen that it cannot grasp simple concepts.


It’s scary. It suddenly dawns on me MORE that I’m getting old. Laughs.

However, it’s not the end of the world, folks. Those who have experienced it should not be discouraged. It just means you have to make more of an effort to study. You have to try harder than usual and that isn’t exactly a bad thing. Besides, there is hope to get your abilities back. I heard that you can not only get back your ability, but also increase it. Try Lumosity Brain Games & Brain Training to boost your brain’s potential. I’ve subscribed to the free program. It’s very helpful and, most importantly, fun.

Education is a privilege for all ages. Learning is limitless.

Keep spirited!


  1. Have you ever felt like your studying capabilities are deteriorating? Well, I have gradually felt it.
    7. Not only am I dumber than I used to be, I’m also more retarded.

    1. Thanks for visiting!

      I just read your post and it was hilarious! I really like the part about there aren't much shows about our awkward age group and forgetting stuff we used to learn. Yeah, it is kinda retarded in a mental-dementia-half-amnesia kind of way.
      I like how you ended the post about us having a different perspective about the joys in life. That is so true. It's like a wall has tumbled down and you get a totally different view. I look forward to reading more of your posts. It's thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. haha, that's right naya. I can feel it :D I've been very easy to be exhausted these days and difficult to focus on learnings. Working or being adult makes your brain concentrate in limited spots. That's why we should do many things to stimulate the other spots, like writing, drawing, dancing, singing, doing math, playing games, walking around, hihi :D

    True experience :p

    1. You too? ;) I am not alone. Hehehe... I haven't thought about stimulating the other spots. Thanks for the tip dear;)

  3. Hahaha i guess it was only your feeling, you are still young and u have much time to develop. Maybe u got fatigue, getting enough sleep and rest are important.If you don't get enough sleep, it will be so much harder for you to grow as a person.

    Keep on focus and good luck for your mid-term exams. :)

    1. Thank you for the words of support! I will try to follow your advice. Yes, I hope it more about fatigue than degeneration of abilities. If we are older, aren't we supposed to know more? hehe...