Monday, December 12, 2011

My New Blog


I made another blog on wordpress yesterday (yaaaaay!). It’s called “la galerie” which is french for “the gallery”. Its a place to exhibit many kinds of artwork, like drawings, designs, crafts, and sculptures. I made it because I knew a lot of my friends are really good at art and I think they needed more coverage and extra appreciation for it. Some have businesses and needed advertising. Why is it in french? Because I think France is the king of art among other countries, considering its history and art galleries and museums. Besides, I just like how it sounded (laughs).


It is still in construction though I already have some posts there. You can have a look, please, and tell me what you think. You can also be a contributor and exhibit your art there. Just check out the site The practical procedures still need work (I have a lot to learn about wordpress), but just let me know if you are interested Winking smile.

Wish me luck!

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