Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Food Corner

You did not see wrong. There’s no “Mom” in that tittle. I did not write it wrong either. This is really MY food corner.

My friend, Ratri, asked me when I’d be thinking about making my own food corner. Honestly, I doubted I ever would. I can’t cook very well. I only know how to make very simple meals and most of them are western meals, since I spent most of my childhood in Australia. Thus, I got accustomed to the western taste buds. I love Eastern food just as much though, no kidding. However, it’s harder to make, with all the combinations of spices and long cooking methods. I fear making any mistakes because the food would go to waste. Thus, I haven’t ventured down the Eastern food road much.

Anyway, this morning I felt like making my own breakfast again. I opened the fridge and was delighted to see my favorite ingredients in abundance. Inside it were cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs, and butter. Other than that, bread, fruit, orange juice, and whole wheat crackers were neatly arranged on the kitchen table. There was also something new: sour cream. I let myself have a taste. Not bad. It would go great with the whole wheat crackers.

I looked around again and couldn’t make up my mind what to make. I could make cheesy toast again, but I preferred something healthier. My acne has been going crazy lately and there are so many spots on my face. I look like a pale cheetah (laughs). I could resort to the crackers and a banana but it would not make me full enough. Then I thought of the eggs. I wanted eggs. I wanted cheese too, and my vegies. I also wanted to devour the crackers and sour cream. I had to have fruit too.

So in the end I made a sandwich with fried egg, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. Then I put it on a big plate with three crackers on the side. Instead of putting some sour cream in a little plate or cup for dip, i just spread it on the top of the crackers to avoid too much washing later (lazy). Then I poured myself some orange juice in a glass cup.

It still wasn’t enough. I felt like I had to have something sweet for breakfast too. So I sliced three pieces of some pudding I made last night. I felt sorry for the three pieces of bread left over on the table (mom wasn’t back from shopping yet). If it stayed there any longer, it would get expired. So I tried something I hadn’t before. I made pudding.

I had watched a cooking show in the morning called “Barefoot Contessa” on the Asian Food Channel. Ina Garten, the host, made yummy-looking bread pudding out of loaves of bread and a custard mixture. It was too hard to get the ingredients to make the custard though. Therefore, I couldn’t make it. So I made do with jelly instead. I had tasted a chocolate jelly and bread pudding before. It was good. However, we didn’t have any chocolate jelly. I found green and yellow jelly in our kitchen cupboard instead.

I wanted to try making the pudding with coconut essence, like how my mom usually does. So I mixed in the green jelly (I decided yellow would look weird) and the coconut essence in a cooking pot plus some sugar and water. I put it on the stove and waited for it to boil. After that, I poured the mixture in a Tupperware container (we didn’t have any jelly molds) filled with layers of the bread. I waited for it to cool and put it in the fridge. I tried some a few hours later and… it worked! I was surprised it didn’t taste funny (at least to me, LOL). It looked pretty too. There were three layers of color. The bottom was the white bread, then the light-green-tinted coconut essence, and lastly a thin strip of green jelly.

Anyway, I served my breakfast and tried to arrange the food artistically. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do much to make it look presentable, but I took a picture anyway. Here it is!

Photo0110 - edit

I’m sorry I didn’t use prettier plates or have a vase of flowers in the background to make the picture better. This is as good as it gets for now. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my breakfast very much. I think it is a healthy and balanced meal with plenty of nutrition for my body. It tastes pretty good too. ^-^

Now I am reasonably full and energized with high spirits to face the day!

Have a nice day, everyone!