Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Mom’s Food Corner: Squid and Bitter Melon


Here are more dishes from my mom! The first is a concoction from one of my favorite seafood: Squid. The Indonesian name for this dish is Tumis Cumi Asam Pedas dengan Saus Kecap. In English, it is roughly translated as “Sweet and Sour Squid Stir-Fry with Soy Sauce”. Because it is an Indonesian dish, and our family’s dish, it is a bit spicy, as usual. I think chili and squid are a great combination! Here’s the picture:


I enjoy eating this with warm rice and fresh raw vegetables such as slices of cucumber and lettuce. It is a tasty home-made meal for lunch and dinner.

The second dish is called Gulai Pare Isi Daging. In English it is roughly translated to “Beef-Stuffed Bitter Melon Curry” or “Bitter Melon Curry with Beef Filling”. Right now my family is having a discussion about the name, hehehe… So I am just putting both names in this post.

Anyway the bitter melon is an acquired taste, if I may say so. Even so, it needs to be prepared in a special way to get it right. I have no idea how. What’s for sure is the cooked bitter melon isn’t supposed to taste too bitter. It is supposed to be a bit bitter, but in a nice way. Here’s the picture:


Anyway, I enjoy eating bitter melon, especially in this dish. The beef tastes mildly sweet and spicy, which combats the bitterness well. In the end, this dish teases the taste buds with the different flavors. Care to try the experience?

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