Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Mom’s Food Corner


My mom is a great cook. I pride myself in having a mom that can cook really well – even if I can’t cook something as simple as rice to save my life. However, I reassure myself with the fact that she was as clueless as me before she married. So, I think I can catch-up. For now, I’ll take the liberty to share some of the pictures of the fabulous things she cooked today.

Here is the delicious Ayam Bakar Kayu Manis. In English, its cinammon-spiced roasted chicken.


I love roasted chicken, especially if it is spicy. However, this is a milder cuisine suited for a more general taste. It’s great for special occassions like wedding receptions, gatherings, and reunions.

Next is my family favorite: Chocolate Brownies. Here are the pictures to tease your tastebuds.



These are brownies with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. Its a triple chocolate feast. I love it. Wanna try? (hehe)




These ones are brownies with melted dark chocolate icing and crushed almond topping. Simply a chocolate-lovers delight.

Both brownies are made from the same base. They just have different toppings. However, the topping does compliment the original taste exceptionally and different toppings give different nuances. I think the first one is more “party” and fun, while the second is elegant ad romantic.

Brownies are also great for parties. My mother went to a party and bought some samples for the guests and they were instantly a favorite for adults and kids alike. Orders from others came straight away. But the recipe is still a secret. Care to order too? ^-^


  1. Huwaaa...knapa mesti ditambahin poto sih Nay?? *asli ngiler gilak


    Jadi kapan nih launching Nayong's Food Corner? :haha

  2. biar ada bukti lah.. ;)
    kapan ya? nanti aja deh, kalo udah jadi ibu2;p
    bakal ada blog khusus.
    btw, thx for visiting!

  3. Yummy..
    *It looks so, gotta try it too.. :D

  4. bluespy: ur welcome to;)
    icha: hehehe... mau cha??