Friday, February 1, 2013




Do you see that silver line at the end of the sky?

It’s where the ground seems to touch the clouds

And the lush green fields evaporate into thin air

It’s where dreams are made, and hope is stored

It’s where imagination finds its freedom

And the possibilities are endless


Now look at the ground beneath your feet

Where everything is exactly as you see it

Where the senses collide with the absoluteness of reality

And you may gain only what your hands can reach


Sometime, long ago, we all stood on the edge of the horizon

Gazing at the blue wilderness above

We could somehow grasp the stars

And feel the warmth of wonder


But time has to play its part

Space keeps expanding, moving us away from what we used to know

Through a labyrinth of random events

To an alternate dimension of perceptions


Waves of questions will emerge throughout this expedition

Demanding answers about the world, about ourselves

Casting doubt on our hopes and dreams

Blurring our faith


Thus, build a sanctuary within our souls

To calm the fears, to quell the anxieties

To mind the thoughts, to guard the faith

To renew the hope, to nurture the dreams

To rekindle the spirit,

And foster the courage to face the day




Heart, beat steady

Find the balance once more


  1. Your thought is really something...yet...
    I like the concept of balance...
    Balance means heaven.

    1. it may mean something different for each of us;)
      as always, thank you, Ade ;)

    2. ho'oh cecuatu bangau dah ahahahha

    3. Haha... Thank you Dutty;) I hope the "sesuatu" is a good thing