Friday, July 13, 2012

My Flair for Fashion: The Fashionista in Me

A couple of days ago, I noticed my sister focusing on my laptop screen for long hours, occasionally typing and frequently clicking here and there on a colorful site. The site,, was attractive, full of collages that were mainly about fashion. I had never encountered such a site and immediately asked her what she was doing. This was our conversation:

Me: What are you doing?

My sister: making a set?

Me: A what?

My sister: A set.

Me: What is a set?

My sister: You know, like in those magazines. Fashion sets.

Me: (blank)

I had a closer look at my ten-inch screen. She gave me a tour of other creations by members of the site. I started to understand (I’m slow sometimes). Then I got curious.

My curiosity made me create my own account and follow what the other members were doing. Make sets. My first set was, I guess, okay (if not boring). I wasn’t used to all the tools yet. After a day of frustration with my lack of competence and the slow internet connection, I finally got used to most of the tools. Plus, I knew what specific area I wanted to focus on. Below are some of my creations.

This one is called “dressing up for summer”.


This one is called “being feminine”.


This one is called “let’s go”.


You might notice that every set has the text “modesty is beautiful…”. That is the motto for my collection on the site, Modesty. It is a collection dedicated to Muslim women so I have tried to create outfits that are appropriate for wearing the hijab.

It isn’t easy to find appropriate items. The clothes in the database are mostly for non-hijabers, of course. However, it is possible to upload our own photos on the site and use them for our collages. I haven’t tried that though since I am still familiarizing myself with the tools and gadgets on the site.

I have five sets so far. If you would like to see them, your very welcome visit my profile at I am planning to make many more sets. I really enjoy doing it. I confess that fashion has always fascinated me. When I was little, I used to make my own paper dolls and make various types of clothes for them. I even made hand-sewn clothes for my Barbie dolls. After a while, I grew out of it as I developed a strange dislike for dolls (that’s another story). Then, after I decided to wear the hijab, I thought that fashion for Muslim women had very little grounds. I decided not to pursue my interest in fashion. Lately, however, there are more possibilities thanks to many young designers of today’s world. I give many thanks to Miss Hana Tajima and Dian Pelangi for opening many doors.

I would like to develop a style that is modest, in accordance with the requirements for hijab in Islam, and beautiful, of course. Currently, I have been sketching a lot. I have made designs for daywear, parties, and also weddings. Soon I’ll be learning to sew with my mom’s new sewing machine (yay!). I’m really looking forward to it. It seems like a good addition to the various activities I can do during my long holidays, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Maybe, when I’m confident enough, I’ll post a design I’ve made. Maybe I’ll be able to sew my own outfit by the end of the holidays. Maybe I can make some for other people. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

I am such a dreamer. I can’t help it when life offers so many wonderful possibilities.

I better start executing. There’s nothing more terrifying than being stuck in Dream World.

Let’s chase those dreams!


  1. Hei Naya.. I also enjoy Fashion and Make-up so much. Have not heard about the website that you mention on this post. But I am definitely will give it a try. It looks so much fun..!

    Anyway, it was a great memory playing Barbies and paper dolls with you back then. I think I still keep our paper doll collection at my parents house. I'll try to find them when I got home...:D


    With Love,
    Handini Audita

    1. Hi Audi!

      Firstly, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

      I do recommend you to visit. If you decide to make an account and create a few sets, inform me. It is a lot of fun. What makes it tiring is the slow internet connection here (laughs).

      Yes, it was a lot of fun. I remember dragging that portable Barbie house all the way to your house. Then I remember all the interesting characters we pretended to be.

      You still have it? that's practically an antique! Sadly, I don't have mine so do take pictures of yours and share them to me.