Friday, February 10, 2012



When I write for this blog, it is usually out of impulse, not really out of a carefully structured plan of words. Thus, I write it quickly (don’t wanna let the idea slip) and publish it quickly. That is why I go crazy when the internet connection is messing with me. I can’t cater to the impulses. I don’t get the prospect of publishing anything. So, I don’t write anything at all.

As you can see, I haven’t posted in quite a while. No fashion post. No food post. No story. Nothing. I have been so annoyed by the availability of the network here at my new place. It takes a million years just to load a blog page - I don’t even dream of opening You Tube anymore. Chatting through Gtalk isn’t conveinient at all and I have neglected facebook and twitter altogether because it wastes more time than it usually does with very little achieved.

I rely on the internet for my activities. I write and publish stuff on my blog. I watch entertainment on You Tube. I socialize on facebook and twitter. Yes, if it makes me sound like a secluded introvert, maybe I am. Since I am new here at my new place (duh) I haven’t made too may friends. I don’t hang out often. Plus I don’t have a TV yet (not that I like to watch many things on it). I have to keep in touch with my old friends so I use the internet. It’s cheaper than telephone. It makes sense enough, right? However, now I’ve been disconnected from the network, the world, and my sources of entertainment.

Anyway, If this internet connection trouble persists I have the risk of dying from boredom and lack of social nourishment.


Geez… I gotta get a life here.


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