Monday, October 1, 2012

Back to School


After 3 months of holidays, I finally had to go back to school and my spirit was as lively as a codfish. The prospect of new things to learn and new people to meet should have been an adequate incentive but I guess my mind had been in its slumber for too long. It took a while to get up and stretch its limbs to face the various activities in store for it ahead. Thus, I had a case of the “back to school blues” mixed with homesickness and I couldn’t find the energy to be excited about school.

I was also plagued by the sight of my dusty room after being neglected for months. I had to do a major clean up before I could settle down and be comfortable. School was to begin on the next day. However, that activity isn’t suited for someone that had just taken a 12-hour bus trip from Bogor to Jogjakarta and arrived at 4.30 am all cold and groggy. Nevertheless, the cleaning had to be done (I have a severe case of self-diagnosed OCD).

But life goes on. Time makes things bearable and, shortly afterwards, exciting. I found so many things to like about going to school: brilliant new lecturers, nice new friends, English Club’s new projects, choir practices after class… the list goes on. I get a fresh start. My spirit is recharged.

I hope the spirit never fades. I have a hunch that many more exciting things will happen next.

Live life to the fullest! ^-^


  1. Enjoy your study, dear :)

    And... actually we have same case of OCD syndrome in cleaning! I can wake up in the midnight to do some cleaning :(

    I wrote it here LOL -->

    1. thanks dear! enjoy ur work too;)

      rally? yay i'm not alone...;)
      i'll be reading ur post then!

  2. Enaknya yang bisa sekolah.. *ngiri*
    aku baru bisa lanjut sekolah 2 tahun lagi..

    1. i'm sorry dear... but the bright side is that at least ur working;) i have yet to find a job that suits me.

  3. I hope your spirit always grows. (Ade)