Friday, November 19, 2010

Congratulations to Me!


Today I checked out Icha's blog and was surprised to know that she awarded my blog with first place on her honors list.. yay!! thanks dear!

It is truly great to know that others read your writing then appreciate and acknowledge it to such an extent. Sharing the words itself is a pleasure... I hope to inspire others, and this is a step toward that goal.

So according to the instructions on her blog blooming edelwiess, im supposed to post these links:

  1. Oku Timur News
  2. Akoey's Blog
  3. Coretan-Coretan di Blog
  4. Ladida's Blog
  5. Ocha's Blog
  6. Saidi's Blog
  7. Farah Rizkiah
  8. Firman Fulcrum
  9. Icha's Blog
  10. Me;)

As for the awards I'm going to give to my fellow bloggers (i guess this is the catch... hehehe) I haven't decided. Mainly because I haven't followed many blogs yet so I gotta find more^^

I'll announce it in another post.

Anyway, I really appreciate the works of bloggers out there. I admire their consistency and creativity.

Keep posting guys!!

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